Dusty Prairie Ranch, Bartley, Nebraska is located in the Southwest corner of the state, approximately 20 miles East of McCook. The Dusty Prairie Ranch, as we know it today, has evolved over the past 32 years. We have seen many changes and improvements, but there has always been a common thread coursing through the pages of our history . . . a common plan that has strengthened and carried us through both good times and bad. We have always planned to be the best that we can be, to give the best we have to offer and to strive toward excellence without sacrificing honesty and integrity.

As our first Amerifax calves grew, we were particularly impressed by the calving ease, the vigor of the calves as they hit the ground and a growth pattern that resulted in heavier weaning weights. Since that first calf crop,  we  have  strived  to attain a balance of traits that are required for profitability in the cattle business. We have focused our herd on calving ease without sacrificing performance. Amerifax cattle excel in many traits across the board. We do not encounter fertility problems, calving difficulty, poor udders, or disposition problems. We do enjoy the rewards of black-carcassed animals, fleshability, heavy weaning weights, hybrid vigor and desirable cutability traits. The bottom line is that Amerifax cattle will make money for you!

Since we began in the seedstock business, it has been our firm belief that when our customers invest in our seedstock, they should receive more than just a bull to breed their cows. We do our best to understand their problems, their goals and their operation in general. We then work with them to develop a planned breeding program. Because we maintain communication lines with them, these people have become more than just customers. They are now valued friends. We invite you to join the Dusty Prairie Ranch Family! We hope to see you at our Annual Sale in April or stop by anytime to take a look at our program.



Moderate Birthweight
Superb Disposition
Extraordinary Fleshing Ability
Volume with Natural Muscling
Excellent Weaning and Yearling Performance
Outstanding Carcass Traits

About Amerifax . . .
Amerifax is a "made in the U.S.A." breed of cattle. The roots for this American breed began in 1977 when the National Amerifax Association was founded. The name "Amerifax" was derived from American Friesian-Angus Cross. Beef Friesians were first brought from Ireland to the U.S. in 1971. Although originally the Beef Friesian was developed with a dual purpose, it had been bred with the emphasis on beef production for nearly 100 years. The Holstein-Friesian, on the other hand, was bred solely for milk production.

Maternal Characteristics . . .
Maternal Characteristics possessed by these cattle offer the cattleman an undeniable advantage. The replacement female displays tremendous mothering ability and produces and abundant supply of milk without experiencing udder difficulties. An unusual feature of the breed is the shortened gestation length, which is only 274-280 days. This is 10 days to 2 weeks less than most other breeds which naturally allows for easier calving. In addition to birthweights of only 65-85 pounds, newborn calves have a long-muscled conformation that contributes to calving ease. Yet another factor affecting the ability to calve easily, is the large pelvic size found in both the bulls and females.

High Fertility . . .
High Fertility and early maturity are another plus for the Amerifax cattle. The bulls are aggressive breeders and will easily cover the ground to handle a large number of females. The fertility of the cows becomes evident as they wean off heavy calves and continue to breed back each season.

Dispositions . . .
Dispositions of both the male and female are exceptionally gentle. It is believed that disposition has a direct influence on growth, fertility, conception rates, calving ease and mothering ability. Also the low cost of labor involved with gentle cattle will result in higher profit margins.

Customer Recognition

Phillip and Jeannie Woods. . .
Warrensburg, Missouri
"Since we started using DPR bulls, the weaning weights of our fall calves have increased over 80 lbs. Doug has worked closely with Jeannie and I to help us improve the quality of our cow herd. Because of the improvements we have experienced, we are eager to tell our friends and neighbors about the Dusty Prairie  Program."
Pictured are Phillip and Jeannie Woods with Doug looking at their calves sired by a DPR bull.

More Customers Appreciation. . .

"I knew I couldn't afford to get hurt, so I switched to DPR genetics!"
"For 7-8 years I had been losing ground on weaning weights, so I started looking for something different"
"We've increased the volume and thickness in our cows and calves since we switched to DPR bulls!"
"I just visited DPR and saw this years sale offering. They have the best genetics you'll ever find - -Check it out!"

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